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9 Day Tour

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Svaneti Tour to Gorgeous Mystic Svaneti churches and fortresses which are built many centuries ago included in the world’s cultural treasury as unique monuments of old architecture. Local culture in Svaneti makes an uninterrupted chain from the Bronze Age to this day. This province is rich with churches, unique fresco and icon-drawing masterpieces. Manuscripts from Ancestral Churches, numerous pictorial and engraved crosses and icons, gold coins of the Antic Age and ethnographic monuments of feudal time, ancestral things of Svaneti nobility are exhibited in the historic-ethnographic museum of Mestia.
Tourists also will see the most beautiful peaks: proud Ushba (4710 m), always snow-covered Tetnuldi (4874 m) and the highest peak in Georgia – Shkhara (5201 m).

Day 1
Meeting at the Tbilisi Airport, transfer to the
Getting acquainted with the tour leaders.
Overnight in the hotel.
Day 2
Departure from Tbilisi to Mestia.
Trip to Mestia region (On the way you will see beautiful panorama of nature and have Dinner at Zugdidi local restaurant (Optional visit to the Dadiani Museum)).
To see Khergiani Museum in Mestia, St. George Church is placed in and represents the common church for all Zemo Svaneti.
Laghami Transfiguration Church- is a one-boat, two-storey basilica (XIII century).
We continue the tour in Mestia, and visit the Svan house (Koruldi).
Going up the lake. Tasting original mineral waters. Picnic in the nature.
Supper (traditional meal)
Overnight in a family guest house in Mestia.
Day 3
Visit Lenjeri community unites seven villages: Nesguni, Lemsia, Qashveti, Lashtkhveri, Mukheli, Kaeri and soli. Seeing churches Lenjeri, where there are unique monuments of the 12th-13th centuries. Visit to Lenjeri Church of Matskhovari (Savior).
Becho is a historical community, which unites eleven villages. There is a 3375 metres passage between Becho and the North Caucasia, which was of great significance.
Overnight in a family guest house.

Day 4

Mujhali community unites three villages: Tsaldashi, Chvabiani and Jhabeshi. There the Savouir’s church of X-XI centuries is in Jhabeshi. The Saviour’s Church of X century is placed in Mujhali. Chvabiani. St. Archangel Church of Chvabiani (XII century) and the Christ Church of XII century painting).
Overnight in Mestia.

Views from highest restaurant Zuruldi Mestia.

Day 5
Iprari Archangel’s church, Nakipari Church built in the 10 century. Lagurka Church is the biggest temple in Zemo Svaneti, where the majority of the population celebrates the day of ST. Kvirike on 27 of July.
St Barbara church is placed in Khe village, which was painted in XIII century. Here is kept the Saviour’s icon painted in XIII century.
Overnight in a family guest house in Ushguli.

Day 6


Visit Ushguli (2200 m) is a community of villages located at the head of the Enguri gorge in Upper Svaneti, Georgia. Ushguli comprises four villages.
Zhibiani (Georgian: ჟიბიანი) some 2100 m above sea level;
Chvibiani or Chubiani (Georgian: ჩვიბიანი);
Chazhashi or Chajashi (Georgian: ჩაჟაში);
Murqmeli (Georgian: მურყმელი).
The Ushguli villages contain buildings that are part of the UNESCO Heritage site of Upper Svaneti. Altitude claims vary from 2,086 to 2,200 metres. Ushguli is considered to be the highest inhabited village in Europe. It is located at the foot of Shkhara, one of the highest Caucasian summits. About 70 families (about 200 people) live in the area, enough to support a small school. The area is snow-covered for 6 months of the year, and often the road to Mestia is impassable. Typical Svanetian protective towers are found throughout the village. The Ushguli Chapel located on a hilltop near the village dates back to the 12th century.
Overnight in a family guest house.
Day 7
Go on traveling to Ushguli (2200 m). This is an open-air museum.
Visit to La Maria Church, where the medieval icons, crosses and other precious objects are preserved; Archaeological Museum and the 11th and 12th century towers, the residences of Queen Tamar.
Overnight in a family guest house
Day 8
Lentekhi Region
Lentekhi ethnographically belongs to a historic Georgian province of Lower, or Kvemo Svaneti. Cultural heritage of the area includes several monuments, particularly St George's Church (the 10th century), the Archangel Church of Thargizel (the 9-10th centuries), Tekal Church (the 10-11th centuries), Lentekhi Castle of the Dadiani, and the famous Svanetian towers in the village Leksuri.

Overnight in a family guest house.

Day 9

The Capital of Georgia! Ancient and wonderful, extremely interesting and magnificent at the same time! The oldest discoveries prove that the territory of Tbilisi had been inhabited already in the neolith era. In the fifth century the king of Georgia, Vakhtang Gorgasali made foundations of the capital. Tbilisi stood still to thousands of attacks and interventions from numerous enemies, she has preserved her historical monuments and places, which are situated in Old Tbilisi –throughout Mtatsminda-Krtsanisi and Isani-Samgori districts.
Tbilisi is a city of a remarkable terrain, this is a cave located on both banks of the river Mtkvari, surrounded by huge mountains. Its height is 380-770mm above sea level, area -450 sq. meters and the population exceeds 1, 090 million. Botanic Garden of Tbilisi, the ancient Narikala Stronghold and Mtatsminda Park are the capital’s most attractive sightseeing. One can enjoy the sights of orthodox churches: AnchisKhati, Sioni, Metekhi, the Holy Trinity Temple and Jewish synagogue, Armenian Church, Islamic mosque which located side by side.
A monument with a title “Kartlis Deda” (mother of Kartli) is erected on the top of Old Tbilisi this is a woman holding a sword in one hand and a bowl of wine in another. The meaning of the monument is that Georgian people meet the enemy with a sword and greet their guests with a bowl of wine, as a sign of great hospitality.
• Free evening. It is possible to go to the market of Mshrali Khidi (Dry Bridge) to see souvenirs and paintings.

• Farewell banquette in traditional Georgian restaurant.

Check-out. Transfer to Tbilisi Airport.

Tour Price
EUR 580 per person (5-10 group)
EUR 533 per person (11-20group)

Prices include:
Airport transfer
Travel insurance
Guide service
Hotel (in the cities)
Family guest house (in the regions)